Restaurant Ingredients Available to the Public

We have provided high-quality ingredients to local businesses since 1985 and we are proud to continue serving our community by offering curbside grocery pick-up for the general public. We now have two curbside pick-up locations, our Santa Fe Springs facility and The Rose Venice.

New name. Same quality, service, and value.

We are rebranding November 4, 2019.

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Don’t worry! You are totally in the right place. Vesta Foodservice is the new DBA of LA Specialty Produce Co., so whether you were a customer of LA Specialty, SF Specialty, LA & SF Specialty, LASF, LASP, or LAS, you are still going to get the best service, fresh produce, and specialty grocery deliveries.

Founded in 1985 as LA Specialty Produce Co., our high touch service, great quality, and on-time deliveries helped us grow a strong customer base. Thanks to those customers and their growth into other geographic regions, we quickly grew in products, services, and coverage area. By 1999, our distribution coverage included San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. We added Phoenix in 2001 and, today, we continue to cover most of California and large areas of Nevada and Arizona.

As Vesta Foodservice, our flame burns strong and bright, signifying our dedication to the foodservice community and a commitment to providing the most consistent and dependable distribution solutions to our customers.

Welcome home.